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I have been part of the LdV team since 2011.  In my 17 years of teaching I have had the pleasure of teaching Kindergarten, 1st and 4th grades. I grew up here in San Diego.  When I'm not here at school, I like to spend time with my husband and two children. We are a busy family, always doing something.  We might see you around town at the Zoo sometime!  I also volunteer as a Leader of my daughter's Girl Scout Troop. 
Mrs. Gianelli's Education Pathway
Jones Elementary
Memorial Junior High
San Diego High School
University of California Santa Barbara (Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Law & Society with an emphasis in Criminal Justice)
California State University San Marcos (Bilingual- Multiple Subject Credential)


Imagine Learning Parent Support

Use this website for any Imagine Learning/ Imagine Math Problems.  If you are having any computer problems with Imagine Learning, please use this website.  They can help you online with a chat, on the phone or the computer.  You can also translate the site to Spanish if you prefer.  
Usen este sitio para cualquier pregunta o problema de Imagine Learning/ Imagine Math.  Si tiene algun problema con la computadora y Imagine Learning por favor usen este sitio.  Ellos les pueden ayudar por medio de chat, telefono o en la computadora.  Tambien se puede traducir toda la pagina de Imagine Learning en espanol para los padres de familia.

Fall Break Sept. 21-Oct. 5

Reminder that Fall Break is coming up.
School will be closed: September 21-October 5, 2020
Students return to class online October 6, 2020.
If anything should change with that plan (online/in person) I will let you know as soon as possible. 
Mrs. Gianelli
Recordatorio de las vacaciones otonales  
La escuela estara cerrada del 21 de septiembre- 5 de octubre, 2020
Estudiantes regresaran a clases en linea el 6 de octubre, 2020.
Si algo cambia con ese plan (en linea/ en persona) yo les aviso en cuanto me informen a mi.  
Sra. Gianelli

Seesaw looking a bit empty?

Hi Everyone!
I cleaned up Seesaw a little.  I removed some old links, I left one new link to use.  I also removed some old work that was unfinished by your student.  The number that you see on their Activities tab should be very accurate as far as unfinished work now.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I will be removing unnecessary links daily/weekly.  I will also be removing work every two weeks.  Schoolwork should be completed daily.  I understand that sometimes life doesn't allow that to happen, so just try your best.  
Mrs. Gianelli
Saludos a todos!
Hice un poco de limpieza en Seesaw.  Quite unos links viejos.  Deje un link nuevo para usar.  Tambien quite varios trabajos viejos que su estudiante no habia terminado.  El numero que ud. puede ver en "Activities" debe ser correcto.  Son las tareas que no ha terminado.  Por favor aviseme si tiene alguna pregunta.  Estare quitando links innecesarios diaro o semanal.  Cada dos semanas quitare las tareas que no han hecho.  Las tareas se deben de completar a diario.  Yo entiendo que a veces la vide no nos permite hacerlo todo, asi que hagan lo que puedan.  
Sra. Gianelli


Don't forget that students should use these programs daily for 20 minutes each:
****Imagine Learning (click on Robot)
*Please refer to the Schedule that is posted here on this website.

Zoom links fixed in Seesaw!

The link in Seesaw to our Zoom meetings has been fixed and tested!
I want to give a big shout out to Khalven's Dad and Michelle's Mom for helping me figure out what the problem was with our Zoom links this morning!!!!
I am sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
Below you will find the link as well as the ID and password, in the event that you would like to type it in.
Thank you for your patience, I really appreciate it!
I welcome your emails. I will see your 1st graders tomorrow at 9am.
Meeting ID: 973 010 063 Password: ldv902

Great Week!

We have had a great week!  I hope you are healthy and safe.  I hope everyone has been working on their Long Ago Mini-Book.  We will start presentations next Monday.  Your book doesn't not need to be done by Monday, but it should be complete sometime next week.  I will also start adding activities to  Seesaw again starting this coming Monday.  Thank you for helping your children continue the learning process during this difficult time.
Thank you!
Jennifer Gianelli

Next week...

     We had a great week.  I just want to let you know that I appreciate your support during this difficult time of transition.  Please let me know how I can support you or your students.  I have re-posted the Zoom links for P.E. , Spanish and our Daily Zoom Meeting, so that you don't have to scroll too far to find them.  I will do that every Friday, so they are at the Monday morning.  
     I will not post new activities next week, so that the students can catch up.  I have posted an announcement for them to watch about completing math assignments in order, from 1-13.  I also reminded them to complete any work that is returned to them.  
     The only new work is the assignment I posted yesterday about becoming an expert in something from Long Ago.  Please watch the slideshow with your child to see the requirements.  This project may take up to 2 weeks.  There is no deadline, but try to have them complete it within the next 2 weeks.  They will share during our Zoom meetings, as they finish.  
Thank you so much!  Have a great weekend! Please let me know if you have questions. 
Jennifer Gianelli