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Board of Trustees

LdVCS' Board of Trustees:  Teachers, staff, parents, and community stakeholders serve as members of LdVCS governance structure.  One of these structures is our Board of Trustees.  This governing board has the legal and fiduciary responsibility for the well being of our school. Teachers and parents involved in petitioning for the LdVCS have appointed the initial Board of Trustees.  Members have been selected to represent the community-at-large, the business community, and educators.  The appointed Board of Trustees have expertise in curriculum, instruction, assessment, finance, business management, governance, administration, management, and experience working with our targeted student population. Board of Trustee members are selected with skills and experience to meet their Board of Trustees responsibilities by a majority vote of the standing Board of Trustees through a nomination process.  Members are elected annually and serve a two-year term.

Community Representatives

  1. Aaron Davitian (2022 - 2024) Treasurer
  2. Jane Ferguson (2022 - 2024) Secretary
  3. Edwina Shell Johnson (2023-2025)

Parent Representatives

  1. Stephanie Capra (2022-2024) Board Chair
  2. Alec Gutierrez (2023-2025) 

Staff Representatives

  1. Stephanie Lim (2023-2025) 

Director (Advisor to the Board of Trustees)

Ms. Courtney Cox

Board Minutes