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Governance Committees

Teachers, staff, parents, and community members will serve as members on our Governance Committees. Committees meet at 1:30 P.M. on the last Wednesday of the month at LdVCS. The three committees are:

Audit/Budget Committee
This committee will ensure that fiscally responsible decisions are made with regards to the best interest of our charter school.

Curriculum and Assessment Committee
This committee will make decisions on the implementation of the curriculum and assessment practices and will advise our charter school on expenditures to support the teaching and learning process.

Partnership Committee
This committee develops strategies for establishing partnerships with health care educators and practitioners in higher education and private industry, maintains outstanding working relationships with partnerships currently established, pursues donations and grant opportunities, coordinates school assembly and visiting artists programs, oversees the school volunteer program, and implements strategies to increase parental and community involvement in our charter school.

 Leonardo da Vinci Health Sciences Charter School

Curriculum and Assessment Committee Meeting

May 19, 2021 ~ 1:00 pm

Meeting Location:

Meeting ID: 929 7734 3781

Passcode: 990561



Call to Order

Public/Oral Communication

  • Re-Enrollment Forms: Please go out of your way to get an accurate count for how many kids for your class are coming back next year. Knowing what our enrollment will be is very helpful for the board and budget committee to make financial decisions for next year. Give these counts to… Johanny???
  • DRA levels will need to be gathered for our data moving into next year. Please also gather any Imagine Learning, Imagine Math, and Reading Plus data you need for the end of the year. This is helpful info; please save it for the new director, while also passing it onto the next grade level teachers ASAP.