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Visitor Policy

The Governing Board encourages parents/guardians and interested members of the community to visit the schools, view the educational program, and offer constructive comments to the Board.

Besides inviting parents/guardians and the community to open house activities and other special events, the Director or designee shall develop procedures which facilitate visits during regular school days when all visitors must first register at the school office.

To ensure minimum interruption of the regular classroom program, school visits should be first arranged with the teacher and Director or designee. If a conference is desired, an appointment should be set with the teacher for a time before school, after school, or when coverage for the teacher can be arranged.

Any person who is not a student or staff member shall register immediately upon entering any school building or grounds when school is in session.

The Director or designee may provide a visible means of identification for all individuals who are not students or staff members while on school premises.

No electronic listening or recording device may be used by any person in a classroom without the teacher and Director’s permission.

(Education Code 51512).

The Director or designee may refuse to register any visitor whose acts or presence he/she judges would disrupt normal school operations, threaten the health and safety of students or staff, or cause property damage.

(Penal Code 627.4)

The Board recognizes that under California law, any person whose conduct materially disrupts class work or extracurricular activities or cause a disturbance on school grounds may be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine, imprisonment, or both. (Education Code 44811, Penal Code 415.5) When such conduct occurs, the Director or designee may take action leading to the imposition of these penalties.

Possession of unauthorized dangerous instruments, weapons, or devices is prohibited on school premises, on any public right-of-way immediately adjacent to school property, or any other plan where a teacher and student(s) are required to be in connection with assigned school activities.