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Staff Directory

Name Extension Email
Mr. Josh Stepner
350000 josh.stepner@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Lekia Anderson
Operations Manager
350100 lekia.anderson@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Johanny Hernandez
Office Manager
350100 johanny.hernandez@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Denise Sawtell

Teacher, Kindergarten

350907 denise.sawtell@davincicharter.org 
Long -Term Substitute Grade 4
350802 courtney.forte@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Jennifer Gianelli
Teacher, Grade 1
350902 jennifer.gianelli@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Kelsey Smith
Teacher, Grade 2
350905 kelsey.smith@davincicharter.org
Ms. Lara Foley
Teacher, Grade 2
350904 lara.harris@davincicharter.org
Ms. Lizette Wancho Saucedo
Teacher, Grade 3/ Garden Club Advisor
350908 lizette.wancho@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Katherine Beckel-Halliday
Teacher, Grade 3
350909 kate.beckel@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Maritrini Marin-Berry
Teacher, Grade 4
350805 maritrini.marin@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Christina Fregoso
Teacher, Grade 4
350802 christina.fregoso@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Tamar Berk
Teacher, Grade 5
350801 tamar.berk@davincicharter.org
Ms.Hannah Goeglein
Teacher, Grade 5/ Garden Club Advisor
350804 hannah.goeglein@davincicharter.org
Ms. Courtney Cox
Teacher, Grade 6
350907 courtney.cox@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Kerianne Miller
Teacher, Grade 6/ Recycle Club Advisor
350803 kerianne.miller@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Veronica Vazquez
K-6 Spanish Instructor/ELAC Coordinator
350911 veronica.vazquez@davincicharter.org
Mr. Daniel Nielsen
K-6 PE Teacher
350911 daniel.nielsen@davincicharter.org
K-6 PE Teacher/ Run Club Lead Teacher
 350911 amy.komorowski@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Erin Ungricht
ELD Coordinator/State Testing Coordinator
350903 erin.ungricht@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Meghan Cabanilla
Speech-Language Pathologist
Mrs. Kaitlyn Hall
Resource Specialist
350911 kaitlyn.hall@davincicharter.org
Mr. Antonio Hernandez
School Psychologist
350911 antonio.hernandez@davincicharter.org
Mrs. Ivone Pacheco
Noon Duty Attendant
Mrs. Lucy Leyva
Noon Duty Attendant
Mr. Arlo Castelo
Instructional Assistant: One-on-one aide
Ms. Christine Vergara
Response to Intervention: Instructional Assistant
350903 christine.vergara@davincicharter.org
Ms. Vivian Ledezma
Response to Intervention: Instructional Assistant
350903 vivian.ledezma@davincicharter.org
Ms. Jessica Gonzalez
Instructional Assistant/ ACE Coordinator
350901 jessica.gonzalez@davincicharter.org
Aileen Monge
ACE Staff 
Coach Ohton
ACE Staff 
Mrs. Denisse Pacheco
Custodial Attendant / Noon Duty Attendant


Mr. Cesar Gracia
Evening Custodial Manager
Ms. Tiffany Saint Clair
Noon Duty/Classroom Assistant
Ms. Adriana Peralta
Noon Duty Attendant / Library Support/ ACE Program