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My name is Daniel Nielsen and I have been teaching physical education since 2016 in San Diego County, CA. It is truly a passion of mine to help my students develop into people that are self-motivated to be physically active for the rest of their lives. In my classes you will find students participating in games and activities that promote health and fitness, communication, teamwork, and personal responsibility. In each PE lesson I teach I try to make sure that all my students are moving and having fun. My goal is for your child to learn how to be physically active while having fun in Physical Education!
Physical Education Schedule
8:00-9:00            Kindergarten
9:10-10:10          4th Grade
10:30-11:30        6th Grade
11:30-12:10        Lunch
12:10-1:45          Planning
1:45-2:45            2nd Grade
Classroom Procedures:
1) Restroom breaks: students may use the bathroom at any point during class except for when the teacher is giving instructions or if someone else is currently in the restroom.
2) Water fountain usage: students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class. They can also drink from the water fountain. Students can get water during class except for when the teacher is giving instructions or if somebody is at each of the water fountains.
3) Entering/exiting PE: each class will be assigned an area to sit at when they enter PE. They will also line up in the same area to exit PE. This habit ensures that students are organized at the beginning and end of class.
Physical Education Rules and Expectations:
1) Have fun and do your best
2) Wear tennis shoes at all times
3) Don't interrupt others
4) Use good sportsmanship
5) Treat yourself, others, and the school with respect
Consequences that can be given when a student breaks a rule:
1. Verbal warning
2. Time-out from activity
3. Trip to principals office
4. Cleaning tasks while others play
5. Note home to parents
Paybacks System:
Consequences, other than verbal warnings, are given in the form of "Paybacks". Paybacks are given to students after repeated warnings of breaking a class rule. If a teacher observes that a student is constantly being an interruption in the physical education class, then it is necessary that the student take some responsibility for his or her actions.
As a consequence, students will "pay" the teacher "back" by writing a PE reflection, sitting out, or doing odd jobs. These odd jobs may include cleaning in the classroom or straightening up the equipment room. 
Grading Policy:
Students grade will be based on:
1) Sportsmanship
  • Participation and Effort
  • Listening during teacher instruction
  • Good sportsmanship when interacting with classmates
  • Staying on task and following directions
2) Skill
  • Physical skill level
  • Knowledge of critical features that are taught for each skill
Contact Information
Cell: (509) 643-2037
Education Pathway
Granger Elementary (K-4)
McClure Elementary (5th)
Grandview Middle School (6-8th)
Grandview High School (9-12th)
San Diego Christian College 
Azusa Pacific University