Click HERE for Common Qs & As about the 1st Day

First Day Common Questions & Answers


Following COVID-19 Guidelines - Our #1 Priority is safety first! 

  • We will continue to take temperatures at the gate, wear masks on campus, physically distance, keep all windows/doors open, encourage frequent hand washing, avoid mixing cohorts, etc. even as everyone returns together
  • If you have sensitive medical conditions, please notify me immediately so we can accommodate your needs.
  • Please keep your child home if they are sick or showing any signs of COVID-19 symptoms.


  • All 2nd-6th grade students will be dropped off in the Upper Parking Lot by Kellogg from 7:30-7:55 am
  • No 2nd-6th grade parents will be allowed on campus
  • All K-1st grade parents may park in the Church Parking Lot for the special “Back to School Event” in the garden happening from 7:30-8:00 am 



  • CVESD is offering FREE breakfast and lunch in response to the pandemic
  • If your student needs a lunch, they will walk through the Multipurpose Room
  • All students will eat lunch in cohort groups outside



    • Pick Up will be either car gate or walking gate for the first day (Please check in with your child's teacher)
    • There will be NO after care on the first day 
    • Monday is a minimum day and classes will end at 12:30


  • Uniforms are not mandated, but we encourage parents to use the school polo or t-shirt.
  • Mrs. Johanny has school polos and t-shirts in the office for purchase
  • Please have your students wear comfortable shoes as they're  doing PE every day
  • Don't forget the bottle of water with their name on it.

School-wide Emails

Due to the transitioning of the director position, it is possible that you may not be receiving school-wide emails.  If this is the case, please email me at so that we can fix this ASAP.