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Christina Fregoso

Who is Mrs. Fregoso?
I began teaching at LdVCS in August of 2017 beginning my 5th year as a teacher. I have over 12 years prior to LdVCS of experience working with grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. This experience also includes working with children with special needs, as well as providing ABA therapy to ages 3-8. Throughout my experience in education I have learned that being a teacher is so much more than just "teaching". You play so many roles and knowing how to do it just right is really an art and takes skill and practice. As a teacher, I believe I am a life-long learner because I am not only self-motivated and dedicated but I also take the time to reflect, try new things, and I will never give up on any student. For me to be an effective teacher, I believe my students must also have the opportunity to take responsibility for becoming a life-longer as well. Being able to embrace challenges, contradictions, and gaps in knowledge creates the opportunity for new understandings an ways of looking at the world. I believe in creating a stimulating learning environment to inspire and motivate impressionable lives, one child at a time.
Mrs. Fregoso's Education Pathway
* Handy Elementary School - Preschool through 4th grade
* Discovery Elementary School - 4th grade through 6th grade
* Bonita Vista Middle School - 7th though 8th grade
* Bonita Vista HIgh School - 9th through 12th grade
* Southwestern College - Associates Degree
* California State University San Marcos - Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
* California State University San Marcos - California Teaching Credential