Project-Based Learning

LdVCS uses Project-Based Learning to engage students in authentic cross-curricular learning experiences.

What is Project-Based Learning?


Examples of Projects Students Have Created Through Project-Based Learning

The Amazing Body Book
Fifth and sixth grade students planned, designed, and wrote this officially published picture book during the 2009-2010 school year. They chose first graders as their target audience and titled it The Amazing Body Book.  All writing and artwork is original, and students learned to scan images and use image editing software to manipulate their images.
Available for purchase at -

Human Body Systems Digital Stories – Fifth grade students worked in teams to research, plan, and create these informational digitial stories. In addition to creating these, they also presented their learning via oral presesations to classmates, another class, and the community at large.

Podcasts – Students used the information they learned to write scripts, record their voices, and use the computer to edit and produce the recordings.

Kelp Forest Museum Display – The Clear View Kelp Forest Museum was created by fifth grade students studying the kelp forest ecosystem along with how living things are classified. This 3-D “museum” was displayed in school auditorium, complete with informational placards describing the different creatures on display.  Some photographs of the auditorium museum display:
Corresponding online version of the museum:

Plate Tectonics Projects – Sixth grade students studied different aspects of plate tectonics.  They chose which platform they wanted to share what they learned, including videos, MediaBlender presentations, and PowerPoint slide show.  Students were responsible for every stage of the project, including planning, producing, and editing text, images, audio, and video.  We ran out of time before the students could finish editing some of the videos.  Some were hoping to add more images, while cutting the live video and leaving the audio voice over.

Student Webpages

Science Fair – Sixth grade students not only created a science fair project (, but conducted research and wrote research papers ( on the broader topic related to their experiment.

Young Ancient Historians Conference – Rather than just write essays about ancient Mesopotamia, students pretended they were invited to present their papers at round table discussions at a prestigious conference. They shared their papers with their peers.

Student Meteorologists – To supplement their studies of weather, fifth grade "Student Meteorologists" submitted "Ground Observation Data" to NASA. To locate their data, use Search "Option 2 - Geographical Range" and enter the following coordinates: Latitude: 32 to 33 Longitude: -117 to -116

Health Investigation – These sixth grade reports integrate math, research method, writing, and health: (Project overview:

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